Our Mission

Our mission is to provide education based on truth and correct principles in an environment of peace and security.

We follow the methods of Dr. Maria Montessori.  Our method is based on respect of the individual child and his/her individual timetable for growth and development.  We seek to build “not only good mathematicians, proficient linguists, profound scientists, or brilliant literary lights, but also honest men and women with virtue, temperance, and brotherly love.  We seek to make men and women who prize truth, justice, wisdom, benevolence, and self-control as the choicest acquisitions of a successful life.” 

Treasures of Life, comp. Claire Middlemiss (1962), 472.


Lighthouse Montessori Farm School is dedicated to and rooted in the philosophy and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. Through her life work as a physician and anthropologist, she established many revolutionary educational premises.

Lighthouse Montessori Farm School's method is based on respect of the individual child and his/her individual timetable for growth and development. Each day we strive to:

  1. Awaken a love of learning, a passion for knowledge, and a joy of creativity in each student.
  2. Provide a peaceful, secure, prepared environment where children long to be.
  3. Help children discover their abilities, find their independence and develop their self confidence.
  4. Foster a strong sense of self, respect for others and an ability to work as part of a group.
  5. Develop a strong academic foundation and a repertoire of life skills in each of our students.
  6. Create and provide programs which will heighten a child's development through the processes of exploration and discovery with concrete materials, while nurturing a natural curiosity and a love of learning.
  7. Provide a reliable source of care, support, information and training for families.


In 2003, in Ammon, Idaho, Mrs. Laurie A. Roth-Robinson began teaching students in a classroom she had set-up in her home. In 2005, she founded Lighthouse Montessori School and moved into a separate, larger building to accommodate more students. In 2007, the Toddler program was added. A Lower Elementary classroom was added in 2008 and an Upper Elementary program was added in 2009. In August of 2015, Mrs. Roth-Robinson realized her dream of providing a school that rests on forty acres of beautiful, wooded, farm land. that would allow children to include nature into their educational process. Each year Lighthouse Montessori Farm School has seen considerable growth and retention of its student base. To accommodate its growing population, Lighthouse Montessori Farm School is looking forward to erecting a new building to create space for our expanding elementary program and  for the addition of our upcoming middle school program.


Lighthouse Montessori Farm School's Director, Mrs. Laurie A. Roth-Robinson, has extensive experience in Montessori Education and is one of the leading Montessori authorities in Idaho. Laurie earned her degree in early childhood education from Vancouver University. Additionally, she received her American Montessori Society 3-6 level certificate from Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center in Chicago, Illinois. She continued her education at the 6-9 level in Los Alamos, New Mexico and 9-12 training in San Diego, California. She is currently working on a master's program with an emphasis on middle school/high school education. 

Mrs. Roth-Robinson has taught in the classroom and been involved in school administration for over 30 years.  She is currently teaching the elementary class as well as conducting Montessori teacher training for adults. Mrs. Roth-Robinson has six children, four of which attended Montessori schools, three attended from age 3 until 6th grade.